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Whitelisting for AOL


1. Click on Mail Options button in the top right had corner.
2. Click on Address Book on the drop down menu.
3. Click the Add button.
4. When the New Contact window to load. Once loaded, cut and paste “[mails]@[Company].com” into the “Other E-Mail” field.
5. Make the From address the Primary E-Mail address by checking the associated check box. Click the Save button.

For existing subscribers that are seeing messages in the spam folder, open the newsletter and click the This Is Not Spam button. Add “[mails]@[company].com” onto your Address Book as outlined in the New Subscribers information above.

AOL Mail

1. Hover the email address under the subject when reading the email.
2. Click on Add Contact on the pop up box.
3. Follow the instructions to save the address.

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